GCSE, A-level,

IB Music

Headphones and sheet music

If you are studying for a Music GCSE, A-level or the IB and would like some extra tuition, either on a regular basis, intermittently or just in the lead up to deadlines, then I can help you.

Additionally, now that many schools are sadly no longer offering Music as an option at GCSE & A-level, young people wanting to gain these qualifications need to find a private teacher who can help them study for these qualifications and enter them for the exam.

As a qualified and experienced former classroom teacher of nearly 20 years I am fully able to work with you on this - either in all aspects, or just the ones with which you need some help.

Areas covered are: ​

  • Set pieces

  • Composition

  • Performance

  • Listening tests & dictation

  • general theory & understanding

  • Periods & Genres of music

  • Non-Western World Music

  • Musical Theatre & Opera

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