Music Reading

& Theory

Composing Music

Learning to read music is the key to opening up the world of independent playing or singing. 


Not knowing how to interpret the notes on a page is like speaking a language but not being able to read a book, email or magazine in that language - you have to rely on someone else to read it to you!

Learning music 'theory' has a reputation for being boring & complicated, but it doesn't have to be!  I guarantee that I can teach you to read music simply and clearly, whilst having fun.

Whether you want to learn in order to pass your Grade 5 ABRSM theory exam, support your GCSE or A-level studies or just to be able to read music to help you be independent in your playing/singing, I can help you meet your goal.

I also enjoy teaching people of every age - from age 5 to age 90!  So if you want to learn with someone who will build a relationship with you and find the best way to help you achieve your goals in a relaxed yet professional way, then contact me for a chat and to arrange a free trial lesson.